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Hi all,


It's been such a long time since we have spoke, so i thought i'd share some photos of Fudge, now that he has reached full size.


I hope everyone is o.k..






Hi Sylvia


Hope you had a lovely holiday


Just wanted to send you a quick email to update you on our puppy's progress!!  She has settled in so well and things are amazingly good.  My older dog was not impressed at all on day 1 but this morning they had their first romp around the garden together so I am over the moon!  It only took 12 days for the pup to win her affections!!  I have attached some photos - Ellie is teaching her all she knows about sniffing!!


We have enrolled Jazz (the pup) into 'puppy school' and the trainer said that there is another cockapoo coming who is the same age as Jazz - we are all hoping the it is her brother!  




Hi Sylvia and Mike


Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the beautuful cockapoos Toby and Cruyf that we got from you. They live only five

minutes apart so get to see each other once a week. They

have both completed a puppy training class with flying

colours and settled in very well in their new homes


Many thanks


(Toby is on left and Cruyf on right)


Hi Sylvia


Just thought you’d like to know how Bailey has settled in to his new home. He was fantastic in the car on the way home, slept loads and had lots of cuddles, a great bonding session. And no accidents!


He was so brave and bold when we got home, he followed us in through the front door and had a lovely time sniffing out his new home. The kids were great and kept calm so that they didn’t overwhelm him. Then we took him outside and he did his business perfectly!


He is such a great character, not scared of anything and very inquisitive, especially in the garden chasing leaves (his favourite game!). He’s met the cat but had no reaction so far, all very chilled. He’s had cuddles with lots of different people and seems relaxed with everyone. He has made his den in his crate and spent his first night in there fine, only cried on and off for about an hour then settled well. No accidents again this morning so he’s doing brilliantly.


We absolutely love him to pieces and he’s already part of our family. The boys are so looking forward to teaching him new tricks and playing in the garden with him (he already chases and retrieves a little ball!)


I will send you some photos during the week and let you know how he gets on with his new life in Sussex!


Thanks again ever so much for all your help.




Cheryl, Phil, Ben and Josh and Bailey xx!


Hi Sylvia


     Just thought I would send you a photo of muffin who is now 15 months old.        We bought her from you in  nov last year when she was 8 weeks old and             we are the bingham family who live in fetcham Surrey and I am from                    Liverpool originally. Hope you can remember us. My children myles and           jasmine absolutely love the dog and it's the best thing I ever did for them.   We all have so much fun with muffin and she is a big part of our family, she ia adored massively by all.

 She has the most beautiful nature and I wanted to let you know 1 year on how well she is doing.

The picture was taken when she achieved her bronze obedience medal and she was very pleased with herself.!

Thank you for producing such a wonderful little dog.

 Lots of love

 The bingham family.


hey sylvia.......season's greetings........ just a wee update

this is delta running about with my son's girlfriends mum's cockapoo.....not sure where she came from .....however she is almost 10 months and delta is just about to turn 6 and a half months!.....she sure is going to be a nice size american cockapoo!

still a little madam but wouldn't have her any other way!

enjoy the festivities.....hope santa's good to you and yours!    



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