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Hi, Sylvia,


What can I say except THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for letting us have the best puppy ever - Sasha!  We love her SO much and she is so, so good and I could go on and on about everything. She is the best thing in our lives and in only a couple of days has brought us so much happiness and amusement.  She is absolutely gorgeous and is trying very hard to learn housetraining even though the weather is awful for her to have to go out and maybe empty herself – or not!  Usually she does, but she tries it on and does a lot of squeaking to be picked up and cuddled instead!  We love cuddling her and she goes to sleep moulded to one of us at every opportunity.  She is a good girl in her crate overnight and has only cried for a few minutes each night.  In the morning, she likes to pull her blankets out and sit on one in the middle of the kitchen, watching out for what’s coming next.  She loves her food – of course, it’s the one that you’ve brought her up on, and we will keep her on it of course.


Thank you for the goody-bag – it was quite exciting looking through everything.  Sasha really appreciates the little blanket with familiar smells on – she loves sitting on it.  We got her a microwave heat pad and all sorts of cosy things –she has beds and cushions everywhere.  She isn’t shy either – she is very confident and bold, and she loves climbing so we have to be on the ball!  Why go the easy way when there are obstacles to climb?  She is just perfect and we are so glad and grateful that you have let us have her.  We know that you were going to keep her yourself.


Sylvia – I am sure that you have had a wonderful

time on holiday. I do hope so.  You are right as

well – Simon is lovely and very knowledgeable

and so helpful.  He thinks the world of you,, you know!  

You are lucky to have such good hands to leave

your business in – it’s not easy to find staff as

reliable as he is.  We liked him very much and he

couldn’t have done more for us.  

Yes, give him a pay rise and promotion!!!


Your horses are magnificent and the little foal

is gorgeous.  Thank you, Simon, for letting us see

them all.  You have a wonderful place there –

like a little bit of heaven.


Lastly, once again we thank you for all of the photographs and emails that you have sent over the

last two months. They have kept us going and created much excitement as they came through. The brochure that you have put together is very interesting and we

keep reading it over and over again.  We just thank you for everything .


Our lives are complete and we are very contented.  As I type this, Sasha is asleep on my foot.

The perfect puppy is all ours ....


Very best wishes always,


Peter, Patricia and Sasha xxxxx


Dear Sylvia


I hope you are well.


I have been meaning to write to you for ages to tell how amazingly pleased we are with Winnie our apricot cockapoo!  She was born on on 1st april so is 10 months now and has settled into our family well giving huge amounts of pleasure, love and exercise!  She is an absolute gift and is admired hugely - you have done a good job and have inspired our friends to buy one too. Thank you.


Best wishes


Alison Russell

Dear Sylvia


I am so sorry that it has taken a few months to write to you.


Otis, who we collected from you on 24th September 2011, is an absolute joy and a wonderful addition to our family. He has the loveliest temperament and is such a happy dog, enjoying the company of both other dogs and people alike!


A very belated thank-you Sylvia for this wonderful and truly delightful addition to our family. He really is a joy in our lives and I have recommended you to many of our friends and admirers of Otis.


Best wishes and many thanks,


Melanie Clore


A few years ago we went to pick up are dog from you Benji.


He is a lovely dog he will not touch a fly well trained loved.He like blinds broke them a few times. He has a friend called Bella a cream cockapoo... Benji is a big dog like a horse Bella can go under him. He also like out side. I have attached some photos the one with him and 3 people is when he just got home.


I hope you can reminder him.

Thank you


Kahlea Pither

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