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Hi Sylvia


Just wondered if you intending to breed Zac and Millie in the near future we got one of her pups in October 2012 she is so loving and we are thinking of getting another pup.






P.S attached a photo of Bella she is now 15 months

Dear Sylvia and Mike


We have been meaning to send you a photo of our

beautiful Cockapoo, Toffee, for a few years and to let you

know what a lovely dog she is.  She has a really gentle and

kind temperament and we all adore her.


We (especially the children) love checking your website and

looking for puppies that look like Toffee and we are starting to

think about getting another cockapoo from you.  It’s very tempting when we see the photos of your gorgeous puppies!!


Best wishes


Sophie & Tim Nutt


Hi Auntie Sylvia and Uncle Mike


Wishing you and your doggies a fab woofy Christmas!


Loads of licks

Hi Sylvia

Just to let you how well Woody is getting on, he is a fantastic addition to our family and we love him very much.


What a character very  out going and intelligent, thanks for a wonderful puppy.


All the best Lee


Hi Sylvia


Just a quick update on our puppy, Ellie, who is one year old today.  We've really enjoyed the past year with her and it's been a lot of fun seeing her grow  up.

We take her to weekly obedience classes and she very intelligent and quick to learn.  She obtained her Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award at 6 months.  We also do agility and heelwork to music.  She enjoys a good race around the park, or a game of fetch in the garden with a squeaky toy, but is equally happy cuddling up on the sofa.  We couldn't have asked for a better dog and love her to bits.

I attach a photo of Ellie taken on our recent holiday in the Malvern Hills.


Best wishes


Sue and David Ebert

Hi Sylvia


I hope you're well.  I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how I'm getting on with my lovely little man, but to also let you know I've made a few people aware of the little girl on your web page - I'm

hoping you'll get a couple of calls shortly.


He is however quite possibly the friendliest dog I've ever come across.  Everyone comments on how happy he is, and what a lovely little soul he is.  I've had my trials and tribulations with him - he was a good little boy until 6 months old then between 6 and 9 months he was a horror! Running off all the time and ignoring me, I was ready to tear

my hair out!  I have to say though, overall, he has been the best thing I have ever done.  He was house trained completely by 15 weeks, he rings his bells to tell me he needs to go outside, he'll do a high five, play dead (when I tell him bang!) and is a really switched on little guy.  Very bright, even compared to other friends cockapoos.  


I'm still tempted to get another, but I love the bond he and I have, and so I'm holding off for now.  I do know that I can never be without a dog now though, so thank you for making my first experience of dog ownership such a lovely one, with such a special dog.  I'llforward some photos on - him in the snow as a pup, pre his first hair cut (it was a disaster, he vomited for 2 hours after - see, drama queen!!) and a couple more.  He's now about 16" to the shoulder - impossible to measure as he loves the measuring tape (and the feather duster), but has really filled out into a gorgeous stocky little boy in the last 6 weeks or so.


I have told anyone that will listen about your website, so I really hope things are going well for you.




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