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Apologies for the length of time it’s taken to send you an update about the puppy I got from you in September (he was the last one left of your cavapoo litter).


I named him Finley and he’s proved to be a bonnie little chap - funny, sweet and bold. He loves play fighting with my other cavapoo, Cooper (they’re like Scrappy Doo and Scooby Doo respectively), making LOTS of noise, getting as muddy as possible and getting plenty of belly rubs and snuggles. He’s become very attached to me and to Cooper and has lots of friends - of both the dog and human variety.


As I think I mentioned, I’ve been in the process of moving out of London to the country, which has taken an inordinate amount of time, but which I hope is imminent. So, in the meantime, Finley has been enjoying city life along with lots of walks in the countryside around London, where he’s appointed himself *mint-sniffer-outer* and walk *meet-and-greeter*. He adores other dogs and people, to the point he’s most indignant on the rare occasion someone doesn’t stop to make a fuss of him (he can give pretty impressive side-eye!).


I’ve been trying to ensure he’s well-socialised and has lots of opportunities to learn, grow and have fun. He’s also been on a little adventure to Scotland on the Caledonian Sleeper. He was a little nervous of the train at first, but conquered his fears and is now a seasoned traveller. He also occasionally goes with Cooper to my dog groomers, who also runs a doggy day care - and he has a great time playing with the other pups. They assure me they love having the pair as they’re so full of pep and fun they tire all the other dogs out very successfully.


He’s got a beautiful nature and never turns down a cuddle. He’s taken his own time learning his commands and a few tricks, but he’s tirelessly happy and enthusiastic to try new things, especially if there’s a treat at the end of it. He LOVES his food! And being so confident and courageous, he’s helped Cooper, who has always been quite nervous.  Finley invariably leads the way!


I suspect, in the genetic lottery of cavapoos, he’s taken more after his dad. He’s less curly, much fluffier and moults a lot more than Cooper. But that’s no problem - I like to think of him as mu cavapoo / cloud / rabbit cross. Everyone loves him and he gets lots of attention and compliments when we’re out and about.


What would be wonderful, if it’s at all possible... Is if we could buy a couple more copies of the DVD of his beginnings. Simply because it’s lovely to have that record, and also because I’ve told others about what a lovely start he had with you (in sharp contrast to poor Cooper) including a few people who aren’t local to me, and they’d love to see it too. If that’s possible, please do let me know how much you’d like me to send/how we could arrange.


Thanks again for my wonderful pup. I love him more than words can say and I’ll continue to try and give him the very best life a dog could ask for.


Very Bests



Dear Sylvia


Hope you are well?


I just thought you might like to see some photos of our gorgeous Bertie (we brought him home 28/7/19)


He is 100% mischief and energy and we adore him!


Best wishes for Christmas




Hi Sylvia,


It's been just over a year since we picked up Elvis from you and we just wanted to give you an update on how he has been doing!


Elvis has completely captured the whole families hearts, even my dad who was unsure about getting a dog is in love; they’re best friends!


Not only do we all love him but he is the most behaved and calm puppy I think any of us have ever seen! The dog walkers call him the model dog!


Unfortunately as he got older we noticed his eyelid was too big for his eye, and so was causing a lot of irritation, he had surgery to reduce it, and although we were all very worried for a while- and he hated his cone! We got through it and he is happy as Larry now⁄


He truly is the best thing that ever happened to us!

Here are some pictures of him for you, including one

of him and his cousin Rupert! Thank you so much for

giving us the most beautiful dog!




Hello Sylvia


Just wanted to let you know Darcy is doing so well, we nearly have toilet training complete, sleeping in her crate and have been leaving her for short periods, she is great with commands for sit, come, retrieve, and touch wood all going well.


Thought you would want to know how well she has settled, a couple of photos for you.


Kindest Regards



Natasha Rirchie - 01.jpg
Natasha Rirchie - 02.jpg
Natasha Rirchie - 03.jpg

Hi both, just wanted to send you an up to date photograph of Darcey as she celebrates her 6th birthday!


We can't believe where the past 6 years have gone. Darcey is a constant joy in our lives and we still get stopped, complimented and asked where we got her from. Darcey is well loved by all who meet her, she has loads of doggy friends who love to play with her.


We hope you are well and safe from this horrid Covid 19 - Very uncertain times.

We send our best wishes to you both and your family, From Suzanne and Ray Wynn

Suzanne Wynn - 01.JPG
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