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Hi Sylvia


I do hope all is well with you! An update on our darling little Pretzel who we got from you in May of this year! If you remember my son worked for Paul Smith the designer, well he takes him to the office regularly and the design team there have decided to put Pretzel on the new children’s range of t-shirts to be launched (photos attached) – he is a very handsome little chap, who everyone comments on wherever we go and you should be proud of Ellie as one of her first ever pups will go global…(nearly a cat-walk model as well)


Some thing different to put on the website….


Kind regards



Hope you’re well!


Just thought we would update you on how we are getting on. We bought Monty from you in February and he is such a character! He has settled in so nicely and we can’t imagine life without him!  

Monty has completed his 8 week puppy training course and loves learning new tricks, anything for some chicken! He has such a lovely temperament and all our friends and family adore him!

People stop us on walks to ask what breed he is, he loves his walks

and is very obedient and friendly with other dogs. I have

attached a photo so you can see how he has grown and

also see his love for socks! :-D


We would definitely return to Slyms in the future, maybe

even next year as James’s mum is thinking about

getting one :-)


Look forward to hearing from you,


Love Aimee, James and Monty xxx


hey sylvia


have attached a few photos of the girls all together .... kendal has been grooming them herself for some time now and i think she's doing an ok job!


heard the other day one of my friends work colleague was coming to you on to collect a little black and white boy....might meet him if he comes to dog training class!


janis x


Dear Sylvia


My parents, Colin and Maggie Bishop, bought an apricot cockapoo from you in 2009. He is doing fantastically well and is loved by everyone, he is best mates with my French Bulldog pup… see pic!


They are about to move to Devon and with a lot more space

to look forward to they are keen to buy another puppy next year.

I would be really grateful if you could let me know when you have any male puppies due next year and

if we need to go on a waiting list.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards

Steph Bishop


Hi Sylvia,


Thought we'd drop you a quick note to let you know how things are going with Millie. She is such a gorgeous wee thing - everybody who meets her falls in love with her. She is such good fun and so intelligent, I don't think she's got a bad bone in her body. She really has changed our lives for the better!


Mark and Debbie Welsh

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