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Hiya Sylvia,


I just wanted to send you a picture of our Jasper now 5 months old. Our bundle of fluff is growing into a lovely dog. Like our boys he's energetic, cheeky with a naughty glint in his eye when he's misbehaving. We are constantly amazed how easily he has settled into our family and how gentle he is with the boys no matter how rough they are with him. All in all we adore him.


Anyway just wanted to send you a little update.


Marenthe Tindal


Hi Sylvia!


Thought you might like a photo of Pippin on her 1st birthday!  Needless to say, we are totally besotted with her and cannot imagine life as a family without her. She is a total joy - despite her digging under the garden fences! Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.


Hope all is going well with you and your lovely dogs.


Best wishes


Jonathan and Jenny Watson


Hello Sylvia,


I hope all is ok with you. We have been having such a lovely time with Otto, he is just the best! Never barks, really calm and always loving., comes back when you call him in the park.


People keep stopping me on our walks and I have given your number to quite a few people already.


Otto is 15 weeks now and really is a total joy!!! Here is a recent picture


Lots of Love,


Claudine de Montule


Hi Sylvia


This is Marlowe, 16 weeks old, 5.5 kgs and growing fast. We picked him up on 6 April so have had him just over 8 weeks. He is a lovely, happy, healthy boy and everyone who sees him comments on how beautiful he is.


He is walking well on the lead and responding to most commands.  We took him for some long walks over the weekend and he stays close and comes when he is called.



He still crying at night and the toilet training is slow but when he slips up it is usually our fault. He's a great dog, perfectly bred with the loveliest possible nature. We are all in love with him. Thank you!


All the best,

Cindy and Jan Blekkingh


Hi there


just thought I would send you an update on 'George' who we picked up last Monday. He is the most delightful pup ever!! We love him to bits and he has settled so well.


He is very intelligent, wee's on command and has learned 'to sit' on command. He is so at home and is a confident, yet chilled little pup, as you can probably tell we are smitten by him, thankyou


Have attached some photos


the Curtiss family

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