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Hi sylvia,


Well it's been a month now since Rew entered are lives, he really is an amazing dog, his personality is truly truly fabulous, he's a really confident little chap and loves to meet other people and dogs, he's great with the nieces and nephews and this weekend was his first mini break down to Dartmouth whereby he was introduced to the sea, which he loved, he was very well behaved in a different environment with impeccable manners and toilet habits! thought i'd send a few pictures of him as his colourings are gorgeous and had so much attention from everyone we meet, even had someone ask if they could have a picture of him as he was so cute!!


He's doing really well at puppy class with a great attitude to learn, loves to please you and is excelling at all his commands, Sit, Stay, down, fetch and drop being one of his favourites.


He's doing really well at being left and gone as long as 3 hrs on his own with his kong and his favourite at the moment a vegetable cast hedgehog!! he goes mad for that!!


Thank you again for breeding such a gorgeous dog, he was worth the wait! i've passed your details onto a lady that stopped her car to comment on him!!


Hi Sylvia,


We bought one of you adorable Cavapoo puppies off you last week.  We have named him Ted as he just looks like a teddy bear.  He is soooo cute and cheeky, we love him to bits.

As soon as we arrived home he easily settled and wanted to play.  From the very first day he would only go to the toilet outside on the grass which is brilliant!  He is a dream to own and we are so grateful that you let us buy him off you.  Also thank you for the file of information and all the extra bits you provided.


You are a brilliant breeder, please don't ever give up!


Thank you.       Neil and Jessica.

hey sylvia


hope all is well with you.  Delta will turn one in just over a weeks time.  hope these photos have turned out but i hve sent a few of delta and her first trip to the beach and her sharing an ice cream with echo.


she is still very much a madam and a little wick at times and very much a howlers but needless to say she has settled well into the pack and we all love her dearly.


once i get more photos organised

i will send you yet another

overload for you to browse!!


janis x


please see girls on the beach

Dear Sylvia


You very kindly sold us one of your puppies back in February and I thought you might like to see some photos of her! She was from your litter back in 30/11/10.


We called Summer and she has been an absolute joy to have! She is now nearly 9 months and has successfully graduated from puppy school, made tonnes of friends, including the cat, become a water baby and is slowly becoming a rising star at agility!


As you probably know she cant do proper agility till she's at least a year old however she has just finished a foundation agility course where they learn the basics and ground work. We have been told she has so much potential for agility that we are having one to one tuition with Lee Windeatt, who

is a group 7 international competitor and has one of the best dogs in the country for agility, so hopefully by the time she's old enough to

compete she will have good correct basics.


Ive attached a few photos of her from a young age to now.


Many thanks again for letting us have her as she is the most loveliest natured dog and an absolute pleasure to own.


Kind regards

Claire and Paul Dunmall


Hi Sylvia! 

I just wanted to drop you a line on our Cavapoo’s 1st Birthday :-) 

We called her Maggie.  She was the one who had a bleeding nose

from a Jack Russell visitor! 

Thank you for breeding such a lovely, well-tempered dog.

We have never had any problems with her, and as first time

dog-owners, it was the unknown for us :-)

She never lost her appetite - not even on the first few days. 

We followed your advice on crate training, and stuck to it.

By the third night, she stopped crying, and soon learned to love

her crate and still prefers it there now, even though she’s allowed to

sleep anywhere. 

We haven’t needed to do any intensive training, as she seems to pick things up quickly and is eager to please. Also, she’s not a yappy dog, which is a relief! 

So thank you again - she’s doing very well and we all love her to bits. She’s my little shadow! 


Hope you are well :-)


Angela, John, Billy and Katy Harrison. X 

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