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- Available Puppies -

Here at Pinetrees, we are VERY aware of the rising cost of living, so we have taken the decision to hold the price of our puppies

This does not reflect on the quality or standard of our puppies, but just enables people to still have the chance of a well bred healthy Cockapoo /Cavapoo puppy

Cockapoo Puppies Ready Now


        Georges Cockapoo Ready Now

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Stunning black 20wk old F1 Cockapoo boy (BORIS)

Boris has been returned to us , his breeders, through no fault of his own. His family just didnt have the time for him, and he was left a long time on his own

Boris has settled well back here and is proving to be

bright happy and willing to learn

He has little or no basic training, but is looking to be quick to learn

Looking for a family that can give him time and have the patience to train him

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Add Dusty 2555 - 06.jpg
Add Dusty 2555 - 05.jpg
Add Dusty 2555 - 03.jpg
Add Dusty 2555 - 08.jpg
Add Dusty 2555 - 01.jpg
Add Dusty 2555 - 02.jpg

If you are looking for the very best for your new puppy, and would like to get everything in one go, then pls click on the link below.  Top quality products, all packaged and ready for your new family member. If you enter the code Sylmlcockapoo15 at checkout, you will receive a 15% discount
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If you are thinking of using a courier service at all I cannot recommend anyone better than  information Video for a courier puppies "Video Page"

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