- Available Puppies -

Please, Please, Please can You make sure in the current situation

your puppy spends some time on it own each day,

even now we are all about


In compliance with current government regulations, we will be resuming collections in person from the 12th April

Any puppies due to leave MARCH 2021 ,

to their new homes will be courier

Thank you for your understanding in what has been a very hard

and stressful yr.

At the moment we have closed our wait lists


We will reopen our lists late April 2021 time,  


Pls mail end of March if you would like to be added

It is always worth mailing to see if we have any cancellations  


We are still not doing visits, as my husband is only just coming out of shielding , and we have  local outbreaks, 
 we have 3 litters of puppies and wait lists into this time next yr 
and EVERYONE wants to visit, 
so to be fair to all we are still saying No, sorry !, but we are allowing collections as normal (well not quite as normal, 
but with distancing ect ect to make it all safer for us all) mWe will also do Video calls, pics ect ect BUT PLEASE if you are not comfortuable  with this PLEASE do not ask to add to our current lists. We have so many people on our lists, and then when we contact them regarding a puppy, they change thier minds as they cannot visit, this is not only time wasting for us but also deprives others of a place in the lists

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If you are thinking of using a courier service at all I cannot recommend anyone better than  http://www.pettovet.co.uk/  information Video for a courier puppies  "Video Page"