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Hi Syliva,


We just wanted you to see Mollie, she is now 11 months old and an absolute delight.  I have attached pictures of her as a puppy and as she is now.


The kids absolutely adore her and she has been such a wonderful addition to our family.


We would are considering potential having puppies with her, as we have many friends who would love a puppy just like her, perhaps you can give us some advice on this, e.g. what we need to consider and whether we should cross her with another cockapoo.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Best wishes


Alison Heeks.


Dear Sylvia


Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures I took of Dexter yesterday.


From the moment we got in the car last thursday evening with him to now he has been amazing and taken everything in his stride.


His confidence has grown day by day as his trust in us has.  Darren and I can't thank you enough for the great start that you gave him in socialisation whilst he was still with you, we are certainly reaping the benefits.


Once again thank you so much and we will keep you updated.


Kind regards

Hi Guys,


Was lovley to see my little Rew on your gallery and thought you might want an update on Rew, he's the most gorgeous dog i've had the pleasure to know, he's so well behaved, with just enough cheekyness not to get himself in to trouble but add to his character, loved his puppy training and excelled at learning, he's very good out on his walks which he loves especially went he bumps into his regular walking buddies, Viz a hungarian Vizlar and Bubba the Border Collie, so between them he's kept very fit!!!


I've added some pictures as his coat is forever changing in colour,

you can see his Dad's apricot coming through strong, not quite the

chocolate cockapoo i was expecting, but wouldn't change him for the world....


Hope you're all well and i think i've passed you're details

onto about 20 people!!


Kind Regards


Hi there,


Just an update on 'George' he is the most delightful pup and here is a pic of him coming 3rd at Burghley horse trails for cutest puppy.


He is also on the pedigree chum website.

He was such a star and it felt like he was a celebrity, everyone loved him .


Regards Jayne Curtiss




Many people have said how lovely he is and we have given your name many times!


He is a lovely dog, affectionate, clever and wants to be everybody's friends - I attach a few more photos!




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