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Hi Sylvia


I thought it was time to update you.

This is Tilly, she came to live with us in February.


She is now 1yr old, she has such a loveable temperament, she is very gentle & friendly.


She is like a shadow, she will follow you everywhere. Tilly loves to play & also loves socks.


We took her to Cornwall in July, she loved the beach & ran in & out of the sea.

Everywhere we go people ask what breed she is & all say how adorable she is.

Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family, we couldn't imagine being without her now


I will keep you updated further


Sarah Harris


Dear Sylvia,


Thought you might interested to see 2 of Miley's pups on their first birthday - Bentley and Brewster.


They are fantastic, loving, mostly obedient and despite grave warnings from some about the risks of buying littermates, they are best mates and have rejuvenated our old retriever Harry.


Many thanks indeed



Hello Sylvia and Mike

We bought Elli our little English cockapoo off you last year a few days before Christmas. She settled in so well and soon found her way round the house!

She is such a little character and is very funny to watch sometimes. Ever since we got her she would go into the living room on an evening and have a completely mad five or ten minutes just running up and down, up and down, then she would lay out flat and go to sleep! Elli is now a year and 22 days old as she was born on the 1st of November. She also officially thinks she owns the house and often helps herself to the best seat on the sofa or curls up on your lap at the most inconvenient time. She has her hair cut every six or seven weeks and because her coat is so long and fluffy it is very strange when I get home from school and there is a practically bald puppy sat on the sofa!  Elli loves coming up to see my pony and always has a good run around the field with the two dogs at the yard! One of the dogs is scared stiff of Elli as she is so crazy when she is with them. Hopefully she will calm down and play nicely with her soon!

I would just like to thank you on behalf of the whole family including my grandparents for breeding such a fabulous dog, she is the best thing that ever happened to my family and she has brought so much happiness to us.

I have attached some pictures of her from when she was a small pup and some of her now.

Thanks again,

Lois and the rest of the Tomlinson family



Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you as we are so grateful to you for our fabulous dog Poppy .


We all love her to bits she is so good natured loves all people and all dogs we meet .


She can do lots of tricks and recall is great (helped by sausages)! Comes everywhere with us and loved beach on holiday and muddy walks.

Here are few photos to show you how beautiful she is (drew crowds on holiday in Wales ).


Kind regards and thanks again t

he Hart family and Poppy.

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