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Good afternoon


It is 5 days since I collected my cockapoo / here is an update she has been named Bella and I am so pleased with her, she has been brilliant at settling In I have had no sleepless nights , have had only one mishap in the house she goes outside and does her business - she loved the snow, S he has an appointment this Thursday to see the vet for a check and her second set of vaccinations .


Also I Re registered her micro chip.


I will keep in touch with her progress but she is so much loved by us all



Hello! It’s me, Stanley.

I wanted to send you

some photos of me and

my life here with my

human mummy and daddy.

I’m 2 now and I’m being a very good boy.


My favourite things are...

Walking, playing, eating,sleeping, laying by the fire, laying in the hallway,sleeping on the bed when daddy is away with work and seeing my pals at auntie Shirley and Uncle Ron’s house, oh and seeing my family in Norfolk.

I love having my hair done by Lisa every 6 / 8 weeks, she’s great and loves me and gives me treats and I look and smell fab when mummy picks me up.

I don’t like going to the vets but they do give me treats too so I put up with it. I don’t like the hoover but I love everything else!


I’m having a lovely time here and I think I’m pretty spoilt. Mummy calls me her Fur baby...which is pretty embarrassing in front of my pals, she smothers me in kisses too and the other dogs laugh! But I don’t mind too much really because both mummy and daddy seem to love me loads! I have 2 beds of my own and loads of toys to play with...I love jumping on daddy on the sofa in the evenings the best.

Well, I hope you like my photos, thank you for such a lovely start in life....I’m very happy and having a great time! I hope all my brothers and sisters are happy too! Hi to my doggy mummy and daddy (Casper and Lucky) mummy told me their names...we have their photos up with our others.

Lots of love and licks

Stanley. 🐶 🐾 xxx

Dear Sylvia


Our gorgeous Pepper is adorable. Loved and spoilt by all.

Some photos of her about a month ago.

Have a lovely Christmas


image4 image1 image3 IMG_0521 Rebecca Dean 02 (2) Rebecca Dean 04 Rebecca Dean 06 Rebecca Dean 05 Rebecca Dean 07

Our 1st week has been

full of fun,  Lulah seems to be settling in,

she is getting better at night in her crate, we have stuck to your advice (which has been hard) and she is sleeping allot better now nearly getting through the whole night.  She is super at going to the door when she needs to toilet,  and sits for her treats. Only a week has gone by and she is already a very loved member of our family.  Thank you.  Nicky and Andy.

Nicola 03 Nicola 04 Nicola 02