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Hi Sylvia ,

Hope all is as good with you as it is here with teddy who is               keeping us busy and entertained.

He is growing into a delightful little dog and is doing so well  

with his training. So once again our thanks Sylvia for

providing us with such a lovely little dog.


We discussed teddy going to you for 4 weeks while we are in

Fuerteventura.  Thank you for that however it will not be

necessary now as Carol has agreed to have him in her

home with her dogs.  He will then continue with his weekly

training class which he loves.  


He greets every single person

and dog in that class and he is the only dog that manages to

say hello to everyone.  It also means that there will be more continuity in his training and Graeme is hoping that he will be able to read and write by the time we get back!!



I hope you had a lovely holiday and thought

you might like a photo of Alfie a week in.


Alfie has been a real delight and brought such joy

to us all and everyone who meets him. He is sleeping

well and wakes between 6/7am so that's perfect.

Training nearly there the odd pee here and there

but generally really good.


He has been to vets and had his check up and

signed up for the rest of vaccinations etc.


Michelle, the vet, thought he was a great puppy and

had been sold in perfect health and was very impressed

with our puppy folder. I did leave one of your cards with

her in case she hears of anyone who wants a Cockapoo.


Thank you so much again for letting us have such an adorable bundle of fun.

Hi SYlvia


Pics of Lottie who will be three in January




Georgie who is now seven months old


Going to put Adobe flash player on so then might

Be able to get on to site to put pics on myself


Can u let me know who had the other black puppy would be

Nice to see how same or different that one is to Georgie


Hope pics okay to go on site?






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HI just a few photos haha of my gorgeous pooch Maisey i will contact you in Feb just trying to talk the hubby round she would love a play mate!! have a good holiday.


Karen Hession

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Hi Sylvia,


I'd just like to say how very impressed and happy

I am with your attention to detail and service you

provide. It really is second to none as it really

shows in the puppy.


My new member of the family, little Jazz (apricot

cockerpoo) is such a delight to have around.  She

was content the journey home and she sleeps

peacefully during the night already. She is a bright

spark and knows to 'toilet' outside - bearing in mind

I've only had her just over a week, It's fantastic.


Jazz has bonded so well with my other cockerpoo Bella too,

she loves to run around and try to play with her and snuggle

beside her whenever she has the chance.

I'm absolutely delighted with my new bundle of fun, love her

to pieces and I have been recommending you and

spreading the word already!


Here are some cute photos attached.


Thank you so much again for your time and attention you obviously

give to the little ones preparing them for there new homes/families.

Marvelous work Sylvia! :-)


Tiff x

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