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Jo Ellison 01

Dear Sylvia,

Hope all well. We picked up Alvin in August and have had the best experience with him imaginable. He has a fantastic temperament, never barks, is great around other dogs and is wildly popular with everyone he meets. We adore him.

Jo, Enda, Ada and Alvin

Jo Ellison 02


We bought Lily from you in October 2012.
She is from the 26/8/12 litter.

Just wanted to update you that she has settled into
our family so well and is like a big fluffy teddy bear!

I have a 7 year old on the autistic spectrum and Lily is
an amazing companion for him. I have recently
completed PAWS training (dogs for the disabled )
and I will be training Lily to help our son.

Lily has completed her puppy foundation certificate
and is working towards her bronze certificate
at doggy school !

Lily loves socks and tissues ! She loves long walks and lots of cuddles. We've had no problems at all and she is very healthy and happy .

Thank you so much for breeding her and helping her to choose us :-)

Please see the next email for a pic :-)

Karen Nelson

Karen Nelson 01
Nikki Younger 01

Hi Sylvia just thought I would send this adorable picture of sandy! She is very settled and happy.

Thank you so much for such a lovely puppy who is very
loved by everyone in our family.

Nikki x

Lucy Male 02

Dear Sylvia and Mike

I did mean to get in touch with you this time last year! How time has flown. I wanted to let you know how Bonnie (DOB: 01/09/11) is doing. It has a been a busy year with some intensive puppy training from December 2011. Bonnie showed us how bright she was right from the start, picking up toilet training really easily and fitting quickly into our busy family routine. She is confident, fun loving, patient with the kids (!), cheeky, loving and the best dog we could have hoped for. I know my husband wasn't too sure about getting a dog - but now none of us can imagine the house without her. She has enhanced our lives. I can only hope that she loves us as much. I suspect she does.

Her temperament, health and obvious quality of breeding is down to yourselves. I count our lucky stars that we found you all those months ago. Thanks so much again. Love from Bonnie to you, mum and dad!

Enjoy the pics.

Lucy, Matt, Grace, Fred and Bonnie x

Lucy Male 01
Lucy Male 07
Lucy Male 06
Jasmine Bouait 02

Hi Sylvia.

Hope this email finds you well.

Sorry it has been a while since sending you images or letting you know how Rocko is getting on.

He is doing really well, he is sooo smart he was fully trained by the 3rd month doing all his business outside never thought it could be possible...

He plays quite a lot but more than anything loves his sleep, he comes to us when he feels like it and defiantly is not a lap dog, he has a big personality of his own, which we love.

Everyones stops us and admires his colour, i think he is more a red than an apricot... just as we had wanted him, our very own teddy.

Here we go hope you enjoy the pictures, he is absolutely divine!!

Thank you again!!


Jasmine Bouait 06
Jasmine Bouait 04