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Available Puppies

English F1 puppies


Beautiful Blacks , Black and Tans and Apricot puppies availalbe from the end of Jan onwards


Good coats, pretty heads and great little personalaties.

all the relevant DNA testing in place, Vaccinations and worming flea treatment ect all up to date, Chips in, Vet report and full Sylml puppy pack( Food Toys Blanket ,Teddy collar, chews ect) along with life story DVD


pls feel free to call for details, help any advice we may be able to give or to arrange a visit

If you are looking for the very best for your new puppy, and would like to get everything in one go, then pls click on the link below.  Top quality products, all packaged and ready for your new family member. If you enter the code sycp01 at checkout, you will also receive a free toy.!

link here

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