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About Us

Hello and welcome to our website. My name is Sylvia Hook and I would like to introduce you to Sylml Cockapoos where you can find some of the  best quality pups in the UK. Click on  ”Feedback”  for customer reviews to see for yourself.

We have been breeding, showing and judging dogs for the last 30rs. We live on a working farm, so all the dogs every day have acres and acres in which to run and play and get to see all sorts of animals, including our miniature horses.  This keeps them really happy and lively, which has passed onto all our pups.

The Cockapoos are a fairly new breed to us (we have been breeding them for about 10years). We started breeding them due to a number of customer enquiries. The cockapoo is a very intelligent breed and along with this they do not shed their coats which is a plus for new dog owners, but the main reason we chose this breed is they have a great temperament ,love people and are just great fun therefore making them the best all round family pet.

Whilst, we reolise people have colour preferences when choosing a puppy, we feel we must all remamber, the most inportant thing is a happy, healthy puppy.

We are very passionate about our puppies and always strive to breed as near to the breed standard as possible.  As most of the puppies now go to homes as pets, temperament has to be the No 1 priority. They all get to play with childrens daily, and so are confident & well socialised. All our dogs are Kennel Club registered and are here for you to meet if you wish. Also we have just undertaken to DNA Optigan  all our boys.  GREAT NEWS  ALL OUR BOYS ARE NORMAL/CLEAR WHICH MEANS THEY WILL NEVER SIRE ANY PUPPIES THAT WILL BE AFFECTED BY PRA. FN or PFK

All our puppies are vaccinated and wormed to date when they leave us .They have been vet checked and we give a 14 day health warranty and a contract of sale.

With the puppy you will get a full puppy pack which includes food, toys and a blanket with mums smell.

Cockapoos are our main breed, but we also breed American and English Cocker Spaniels.  Please feel free to phone or email for any further information you may need if you are thinking about buying a puppy.

Also you can visit our other site about our beautiful miniatures horses

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